Unique Programmes

The Common European Framework of Reference experts

Our programmes are unique. No other organisation can boast of a dedicated academic development unit that has had direct and leading involvement in developing the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This unique insight has had a direct impact on our programmes.

Real life tasks and outcomes

Our academic experts have methodically crafted programmes than seamlessly link the CEFR to real 21st Century English skills outcomes and created real-life tasks that target such outcomes.

Creating a competitive workforce

But we went a step further. We engaged with global employers and asked the question: “What do you need from your future employees? What do you expect candidates to be able to do?” This invaluable information has gone into our 21st Century English skills programmes to make sure our learners are the most competitive out there.

Comprehensive and superior range

All Eurocentres’ operations across the globe offer the best programmes in language and communication skills. We give thousands of students every year the language, interaction and collaboration skills they need to enter the international arena with confidence, and to thrive there. Whether for work, study or personal development our top priority is our students’ success.


  • 21st Century English Communication Skills
  • IELTS exam preparation
  • Cambridge exams preparation
  • English language (beginners to advanced)

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