Gokhan – Geomatics Engineer

After finishing at Eurocentres, I went on to further academic study in Germany. Now I'm a Geomatics Engineer for Turkish State Railways Co. I've also been accpeted to do a PhD at Istanbul Technical University - at the department of Remote Sensing. The Eurocentres course was a very positive contribution to my graduate education in Germany where my master's degree was in English. I could express myself better and understand academic texts better.

Pierluigi – Banking Supervision Expert

After my IELTS course at Eurocentres, I started my LL.M. degree in Banking & Finance Law at Queen Mary University of London. The IELTS course helped me enormously in my master's degree, due to the rigorous teaching methods and techniques, which paved the way for successful academic studies in law. Now I'm working at the Italian Banking Association (ABI) in Rome as a Banking Supervision Expert. I'm also externally representing ABI at a technical level in monthly-based meetings with the EU Authorities, both in Brussels and Frankfurt.

Selen – Logistics Coordinator

During my first couple of months of the course my English level was intermediate and I improved myself a lot during the course and had a great time. Being surrounded by highly qualified teachers/lecturers helped me to achieve my goals. After the course, I got a good IELTS score band 6.5 and started studying a master's degree in business management at Coventry University. Then I got a marketing role with an agency and got a really good offer from a multinational company in the UK. In general, I can say that the course in Eurocentres helped me to improve my English to continue my academic career and use my existing skills and knowledge in business to get a good job in the global atmosphere.

Paulo – Public Policy Specialist

Eurocentres helped me immensely to attend a master's degree in Public Policy at University of Warwick, UK. Now I work at the Ministry of Defence in Brazil as a public policy specialist.

Mariya – Student in 3D Modelling

I consider myself very lucky that I've got to study at Eurocentres because it helped to level up my English. This helped in my job as a law adviser because it was my responsibility to check contracts with foreign clients. But taking a course with Eurocentres also helped me realize that when it comes to learning, teachers' professionalism means as much as a student's will to learn. It is so much easier and faster to improve when you have a mentor, and with help, involvement and care I could achieve results that I hadn't thought were possible. This experience helped me establish standards for teachers and academic institutions. Now I find that very important because I've decided to change my career and I'm in a position of a student again. Those standards help me find people and schools that are right to achieve my goals. I feel like if I hadn't had this experience, the process of learning would be as unproductive as it was before Eurocentres. This perspective helped me understand those maybe obvious but fundamental things.

Reza – Agricultural Business Owner

My time at Eurocentres helped me in many ways but if I want to just point one, I would say that it gave me more confidence to speak up in business meetings and trips. In the past I was so shy to speak English however after the course I became more fluent in speaking. I also became really sharp in reading, I read journals and books in English related to my job and I don't have any problems. The course helped me to improve my English and I've been so lucky that I did it in Eurocentres.

Zeki – Finance Manager

Because of the great teaching at Eurocentres I am working as an expat in Indonesia. I work as a Finance manager for a multinational energy company.

Mila – Corporate Journalist

Eurocentres helped me in every possible way. Thanks to the course I could improve my English significantly, which helps in my profession (journalism), I improved my CV and got back to my profession in a much better position working in a network marketing company as a corporate journalist. Also, I could improve my networking skills and got a good grade in IELTS. It was good for me personally as well because it was like a family for me and I made good friends that I have until now. The teachers are outstanding, lovely and friendly.

Ertac – Senior Year at University

My university is called an English medium university, meaning all the lectures and the exams are in English. Studying at Eurocentres before helped me to improve my reading, listening, and speaking skills. Therefore getting used to the university life was very quick and easy. Now I am in my senior year studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Boğaziçi University and at the same time I work part-time in the IT Department of an international automotive company in Turkey.

Onder – PhD Student

My Eurocentres course helped me academically to get a better score in IELTS. Then I became able to do my MSc before I started a PhD at Strathclyde University.

Giuliana – Graphic Designer

The dedicated teaching at Eurocentres helped me to improve and get a place at Regent's University (London) and then get a job in a fashion company. I'll never forget the experience with Eurocentres!

Breno – Attorney

After my course at Eurocentres, I went onto further academic studies. I graduated as a Bachelor of Laws at the Federal University of Pernambuco, in Brazil. Now I'm an attorney and soon-to-be civil servant in a Court of Justice. The IELTS preparation at Eurocentres helped me prepare for every scenario I could encounter in the actual exam, which ended up giving me a final score of 8.5. With that score, I managed to be accepted in the University College of London's law programme! In addition, all the knowledge I acquired during my time in Eurocentres has helped me communicate better with people all over the world, and will still be useful when I apply for a master's degree.

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