Flexible & Scalable Design

Flexible programme delivery

The programmes are fully flexible. Our online learning platform my.Eurocentres is fully integrated with our programmes allow for complete flexibility in the delivery mode. Face-to-face learning and on-line learning come together offering a true blended learning experience. This means our programmes can be delivered anywhere in the world at any pace and continue to maintain the same high quality level and complete personalisation.

Customisation to local market demand

In addition, our Academic Development Unit will work with all our educational partners in designing and customising programmes to meet local demand. Programmes are continually reviewed and updated allowing our partners to always be at the forefront in the delivery of 21st Century English Skills and provide the best learning experience to their students.

Quality assured scalability

Our programmes and operations are easily scalable. The highest level of standardisation in assessment and training in combination with our online campus my.Eurocentres means that programmes can be delivered to an individual learner just as effectively as to thousands of students in a university. Progress tracking and assessment are rigorously benchmarked to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) meaning that quality and personalisation are never compromised.

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