CEFR Benchmarked Assessment

International benchmarked success for the 21st Century workplace

Through our consultancy to the Council of Europe on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), we have developed detailed international benchmarks describing the key soft communication skills that drive success in the 21st century workplace.

Precise, reliable assessment tools

Levels of competence and achievement were calibrated through a consultation process involving thousands of education professionals worldwide. Our assessment tools are precise, reliable and able to pinpoint at any given stage the exact English language and communication skills level of each individual learner. Our learner profile gives tangible and real-time information about what communication skills Eurocentres’ students have mastered hand-in-hand with their language knowledge.

Why does this matter?

A Eurocentres’ learner profile tells employers how candidates are able to perform in situations and contexts that really matter to them. In addition to linguistic knowledge, our certification describes how this is put into practice through real 21st Century communication tasks.

All of this meticulously benchmarked to the CEFR by us, the CEFR experts, giving professional and academic recruiters complete confidence that the candidate has the skills required to succeed.

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