Christian Mejia, Eurocentres Colombia 

Background to becoming an education partner
‘I have a background working in the language travel industry and also run a language travel agency. I worked with Eurocentres sending students to their study abroad destinations over many years. I always knew the customers I sent to Eurocentres would be guaranteed an excellent experience due to the really high quality of programmes and management that Eurocentres delivers.

Nowadays, fewer people have the time to study abroad for extended periods due to work and family commitments but more than ever they require English communication skills training. In Colombia, these skills are a real differentiator; they guarantee you a better standard of living through increased job opportunities and career progression. There is a huge domestic market for this type of training in Colombia and it seemed like a natural step to a training operator.

For me, it’s really important to give something back to Colombia. The way I found I could do this is by providing the best quality English communication skills training with the world experts in the field.’

‘Running a business was familiar territory; however, running a language and communication skills training operation was not. From the initial discussions and the drafting of a business case to recruiting staff and the launch of the initial centre, Eurocentres was there every step of the way providing guidance and support. Following this, we’ve had a consultative peer audit where we have fine-tuned certain aspects of the operation for the local market while retaining the quality of the Eurocentres approach. We also review the business plan on a regular basis which has really helped capitalise on market opportunities and get the business growing.’

‘What I really appreciate about Eurocentres as a partner is their considered flexible approach. Through the annual business plan reviews and market analysis, we have been able to manoeuvre and expand the business into the corporate and higher education sectors. These were key profitable markets for us to enter in Colombia and our online blended learning approach with my.Eurocentres gives flexibility to deliver programmes to our customers in a manner which is convenient to them.’

Added bonus
‘An added bonus of being a Eurocentres is that if a student studying with us in Colombia does want to do an intensive study abroad trip, there’s already a network of training centres that they can choose from. What’s great about this is that because Eurocentres has a standardised academic system, a student can move really easily within the network all with the aid of my.Eurocentres campus, which represents a truly integrated solution to combine face-to-face and online learning.’

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