About Us

Our background

We have a long history as an international language and communication skills training provider with roots going back to 1948.

Our mission is to promote understanding between people and bridges national, cultural and social barriers.

Those guiding principles are more relevant than ever as we are at the forefront of the most advanced research into communication skills and delivers programmes fit for today’s global citizens.

We provide premium quality courses across the globe to students who want to boost their career prospects by mastering 21st Century English skills.

We have developed cutting edge programmes completely integrating 21st century communication and English language skills to meet the demand of learners worldwide. Furthermore, our academic research and development unit works with partners around the world to deliver programmes which are fully tailored to local industry demand.

Our on-line solutions allow for complete flexibility in course delivery and a superior learning experience. Our learners are empowered, develop autonomy and are ready to meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Company profile

Seven key factors make us unique:

  1. We were one of the first English language schools to open in the UK, Bournemouth 1948, and remain committed to providing the best learning experience to all our students from around the world
  2. We have had a unique relationship with the Council of Europe since 1968; we work as a consultant in the Education Policy Unit influencing global policy
  3. We have a leading role developing Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – available for 40 languages – with the most important update published in 2017 redefining the landscape of soft communication skills training and assessment
  4. We have a unique approach to coaching through our online blended learning campus my.Eurocentres developed through 70 years’ worth of know-how and expertise
  5. We invest into research and development leading the 21st Century English skills training revolution
  6. We have global reach with operations on 6 continents
  7. We are the best group of schools in the United Kingdom according to external inspection results

Our business priorities

We focus on five business priorities: excellence in customer experience, innovation, outstanding course offer, business responsibility and global influence. Those priorities help to create value and profit. They also unite people and business partners around the world under the Eurocentres brand.

We are driving excellence in the customer experience
Our commitment to providing customers with innovative products and excellent services ensures brand loyalty making us the number one choice for students and business partners alike

Innovation is in our DNA
Our environment is underpinned by research and development keeping the performance of products and all areas of the business at the highest level, enabling us to stay ahead of the game, translating trends into business

We have a superior product offer
We give our partners competitive edge by leveraging research to deliver fully customisable programmes that meet the demands of today’s global citizen and their needs of tomorrow

We do business responsibly
We believe in the importance of building a sustainable company that strikes a balance between global presence, growth and profitability as well as corporate and social responsibility

We have global influence
We are a global leader in language and skills teaching for global citizens setting international standards


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